Custom LEGO® Aron Kodesh by Jbrick

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This custom Lego® set comes with 129 Lego® pieces in a 4mil heavy duty bag, color instructions and a Torah sticker. It is about 4" inches tall and 4-1/2" inches wide!

This set also includes Rabbi Moshe and a Sefer Torah. There are two Lego® tiles digitally printed to represent the 2 tablets! They are installed near the top of the Ark but are removable and Rabbi Moshe can hold them too! 

The center part of the Ark rotates to enclose or reveal the Torah inside. The Torah has removable crowns but the whole thing will fit inside. Yes, a mini-figure can hold the Torah. We've also included the Neir Tamid, the light above which would always be lit.

This set is a great addition to the Bar Mitzvah set which not only encorporates the same color scheme, but was fully intended to compliment it. One example is the 'open stud' on the Bima bench. This is where you can place the Torah from this set; either a mini-figure can hold the Torah while seated on the bench, or the Torah can stand on the bench securly on it's own.