When we come to Jesus, we find freedom from sin and the condemnation that comes with it. We are set free from the power of the enemy and can be made new in Him. The Bible says that we are new creations. Now we can run after the plan that God has for our life and be confident that He will complete what He started in us. There’s simply nothing better than what God’s Son has made available to us. He gives us new life and hope for our future. Nothing compares to Him.


A statue of Jesus with his hands outstretched.

What freedom in Christ means

Being free in Christ means freedom from sin, the power of the enemy, to be who we are meant to be, to love others, to follow our dreams, and to serve others. He sets us free from everything that would hold us back and gives us a new life in Him. He is the ultimate blessing because He sets us free from everything that would keep us from experiencing true happiness and hope in God.

Loosed from the power of sin

When we come to Jesus and give our lives to Him, we find freedom from the power of sin in our lives. We are set free from the power of the, enemy and He can by no means touch us. Every bondage that came against us is loosed by the anointing.

Sin separates us from God and keeps us in a state of being bound. It makes us slaves to our own desires and keeps us from experiencing true freedom. But when we come to Jesus, He sets us free from sin and its power over us. We are forgiven and can start fresh, living in blessings and joy in Him.


A woman with her hands raised in worship.

Set free from condemnation

Condemnation is one of the most powerful weapons the enemy uses against us. It can make us feel unworthy, ashamed, and guilty. But when we come to Jesus, we are set free from condemnation and its power over us. We are forgiven, and the love of God pours out through our lives.

The ultimate freedom

Jesus is the ultimate freedom because everything that would ever come against us was nailed to the Cross with Him. Everything that would ever hold us up or keep us down died with Jesus. When He rose again, so did the freedom we have in Him.

Giving our lives to Jesus is truly a spectacular event. Now through the blood, God sees us as children of His. We’ve been given the righteousness of Christ and can boldly enter the presence of the Lord.


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How to find freedom in Jesus Christ

If you want to find the freedom that only God’s Son provides, you need to come to Him with a sincere heart. When you come to Him, He will set you free from all that the enemy planned against you. Yes, He will give you victory over the power of the enemy. In Him, you have the freedom to be who you are meant to be and the grace to succeed at any level. You can follow your dreams and serve others in His name. This release from being held back is a gift to any who calls on His Name.

What to do when freedom is hard to find

Walking in godly freedom can be a challenge, but thank goodness that the Lord is a prayer away. We can ask Him to set us free. We can also ask Him to give us what we need to overcome the mountain before us. Through Christ, we can do all things. He is our strength and all that we will ever need. In the face of pressure, raise your hands and praise God in advance for the victory that is to come.

The freedom to love others

One of the greatest freedoms we have in Jesus Christ is the freedom to love others. We are no longer slaves to our own desires, but we can love others freely and unconditionally. When we come to Jesus, we are set free from the power of sin and the enemy and can love others with pure and unconditional love.

This freedom to love others is a powerful weapon against the enemy. He wants us to be isolated and separated from others, but when we come to Jesus and experience His freedom, we can love others with His love. This love is powerful enough to break down any barrier the enemy has created between us and others. It is a healing force that can bring unity and peace to the world.

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