We all want to walk in the very best that God has planned out for our life. However, in order to see that become a reality, we’re going to have to follow the direction of his instructions. Any type of engine that we can think of can start up and operate perfectly without ever receiving service. Eventually, it is going to run into problems if it isn’t tuned up. Continually staying on top of maintenance will allow it to perform at its best.

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You Can’t Do Life Alone

In our life, we can press forward without seeking God’s help for a little bit of time. We can go day in and day out and not realize that we aren’t walking in God’s best. This is a perfect example of how our life needs to get a spiritual tuneup. There are several areas where this can occur, such as whining and complaining.

It’s very easy to look at other people and to judge them. We can come up with great criticism and then complain about how our life is not perfect as well. However, the Bible tells us that we shouldn’t complain.

In order to not fall for this trap from the enemy and our flesh, we have to be willing to face reality at any moment. It’s far too easy to look over someone else’s shoulder into their life and tell them where they can make adjustments. But it’s often difficult to stare in the mirror and to look at our lives and where we can make improvements.


Record What You Say Every Day

Could you imagine, for a moment, if someone held up a recorder to your mouth and documented everything that you said in a day? What type of words would you be saying? Would there be a lot of negative speech, or would it be positive? Perhaps it would be a combination of both. Keep an eye on what you say because it will tell you where you were at spiritually.

The truth is that a person who complains has created a bad habit. But it’s not just a bad habit. According to God’s word, it is missing the mark. We can read about the Israelites in the Old Testament and how they would complain against God. In the end, the fact that they complained was one of the reasons they didn’t get into the promised land.

In the midst of criticism and complaining, there is strife and division. God is not happy with those who caused the body of Christ not to be in unity.

Another area where we could use a spiritual tuneup is blaming other people and God for our challenges. The truth is that a lot of people never point the finger at themselves and take responsibility. They are always willing to blame someone or something else for their problems.


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Take Responsibility

If we were to look at our lives on a granular level, at each and every decision, we are the one who makes it. When we can acknowledge that we are the ones who made a choice, then we can take responsibility for the outcome.

Make the decision today not to be someone who accuses or blames someone else. Do you remember back in the garden of Eden? Adam blamed Eve for what happened.

Don’t be like another group of Christians who make excuses. They are always coming up with reasons that something will not work out or why they can’t walk in a certain way according to the word.

The right type of person is someone who chooses to accept responsibility. They are someone who raises their hand and says I made the choice, and I accept the outcome. They don’t blame God or other people if they fall short. They ask for forgiveness and move on.


Look Up, Not Down

One of the reasons that people complain is because they don’t have their eyes in the right place. They are looking down to earth and their situation rather than up at God. When you magnify God, your problems become quite small.

The Bible says to give thanks to God in all things. This doesn’t mean to blame him but, in fact, means to simply praise him and that he will lead you through to victory. That he will guide you to overcome what you are facing. You just can’t be thankful and grateful if you or someone who complains.

Someone who has chosen to take responsibility and refuses to complain stands out from other believers in the church. They are someone who wants to walk in the word of God and refuse to let anything that is unwholesome come out of their mouth.

Get a spiritual tuneup today and set a guard over what you say and what you think. Determined not to complain against God and other people. When you do this, you will stand out, and God will know that he can work through you in a powerful way.


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